Michelle Kathleen Drysdale, Degreed Certified Fitness Professional/PE Coach

I specialize in Outdoor Fitness Classes for Adults and Children, Pilates, Yoga and Yoga for Kids!
Group classes or Private Instruction

Fall Workouts Are Here!
Sign up for 4 weeks NOW or pay as you go!
Reserve your spot by texting 'more info' to 949-244-8230
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Lesson 1 PE

Kids will be learn and have an understanding of the Activity and Nutritional Pyramid.

Private Pilates

Available by apt. only

Summer Schedule is Here!

Mon. 6:30 pm cardio workouts
Tues. 6am, 8:30am Pilates
Wed. 6:30am weight training
Thurs. 6am, 8:30am Pilates
Fri. 8:30am cardio workouts

Session in Progress!

Back To School-Back To You!

New Session Begins Monday, Sept. 13th!
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We are introducing out new TRX Suspension Training this session!

Flat Abs Fast! MKD's Fitness Philosophy to finally getting the FLAT abs you've always wanted!!

Don't Wait! Everybody Bootcamp Flat Abs Fast program begins July 6th!
Please send your first and last name to: mkdrysdale@aol.com

Private Training Specials Are Here!

Make it a priority to take care of yourself! E-mail us now and make time for you!

Everybody Bootcamp Next Session Begins August 9th!!

Reserve your spot now! Send your first and last name to mkdrysdale@aol.com
5 days per week:

M/W/F 6-7am
T/Th 6:30-7:30pm


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